10 Tips Every Beginner must know in Apex Legends Mobile Noob to Pro

10 Tips Every Beginner must know in Apex Legends Mobile Noob to Pro

10 Tips Every Beginner must know in Apex Legends Mobile Noob to Pro


Apex Legends Mobile is a new battle royale game that brings the fast-paced gameplay of Apex Legends to mobile devices. For beginners, it can be overwhelming to jump into a game with complex mechanics and highly skilled opponents. Here are 10 tips to help you improve your skills as a beginner in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

1. Stick with Your Team

Teamwork is critical in Apex Legends Mobile. With the longer time-to-kill compared to other mobile shooters, it’s very difficult to take on full squads alone. Even if your teammates are random players, do your best to move and fight together. Having at least two players together gives you a major advantage in firefights. Going off solo will likely get you killed.

2. Play in First-Person Perspective

Apex Legends Mobile offers both first-person (FPP) and third-person (TPP) modes. However, all major esports tournaments will use FPP. If you want to get serious about competitive play, you need to master first-person early on. The majority of top players will use FPP as it provides greater immersion and accuracy.

3. Use the Ping System

Apex Legends’ excellent ping system allows you to visually communicate with your squad. You can ping locations, weapons, enemies, and more to alert your teammates. This is extremely helpful when playing with randoms who don’t use voice chat. Get in the habit of pinging anything relevant to your team.

4. Learn the Compass

The compass and degree system allow you to call out precise enemy locations. For example, saying “Enemy at 240 degrees!” tells your teammates exactly where to look. As you turn clockwise, the degrees increase from 0 to 360. Mastering the compass gives you a major advantage in coordinating attack and defense.

5. Master Climbing

Due to the verticality of Apex Legends’ maps, climbing is a crucial skill. When approaching enemies, always look to gain the high ground by climbing up structures and terrain. Having the high ground gives you a major tactical advantage in most fights. Climbing also improves your overall mobility.

6. Slide and Jump Around Corners

When moving around the map, don’t just walk around corners and expose yourself. Get in the habit of sliding, jumping, or using your legend’s movement abilities to maneuver around corners. This makes you a much harder target and improves your chances in firefights.

7. Use Cover Smartly

Charging across open areas is a recipe for disaster in Apex Legends Mobile. Experienced players use cover like buildings, rocks, and terrain to break line of sight. Peek and fire from cover carefully instead of overexposing yourself. This covers you from multiple angles.

8. Expect Third Parties

Due to the fast pace of Apex Legends Mobile, expect third parties during fights. A third party is when a new squad joins an existing battle to clean up weakened teams. To counter this, try to finish fights quickly and heal/reset for the next fight. Staying healthy and shielded reduces the third party threat.

9. Prioritize Healing and Shields

You never want to be low on health and shields in Apex Legends Mobile, as it only takes a split second to get downed. Make a habit of healing with syringes/medkits and recharging shields whenever you have a spare moment. Even topping off small amounts of health/shield can save your life.

10. Tweak Your Sensitivity

An optimal sensitivity allows you to aim and track enemies precisely. Take time to tweak your sensitivity in the settings to find what works best for you. Generally, higher sensitivity is better for up-close tracking, while lower sensitivity improves long range accuracy. Find a balance that fits your playstyle.

Following these tips will give you a major boost over other beginners. Master the fundamentals first before focusing on more advanced tactics. With some persistence and practice, you’ll be dominating matches in no time. Just remember to keep improving, learn from mistakes, and most importantly, have fun!



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