Among Us: How to Play Among Us, A Guide to Mastering Among Us

How to Play Among Us, A Guide to Mastering Among Us

Among Us: How to Play Among Us, A Guide to Mastering Among Us


Among Us exploded in popularity in 2020 as a social deduction game that tests players’ ability to uncover lies and betrayals. Its simple premise, cute artwork, and accessibility on mobile devices created the perfect viral cocktail. Now, with over half a billion players consumed by the intriguing whodunit gameplay, many newcomers are searching for a primer on how to play Among Us. This beginner’s guide will explain the core rules, goals, mechanics, and strategies to help you get started.

The Basics

Among Us
Among Us

Among Us can accommodate 4-10 players in a single round. At the start, a random subset is designated as the “Impostors” while the rest adopt the role of “Crewmates.” Impostors appear identical to Crewmates but harbor a secret objective to sabotage and eliminate the others. Crewmates must identify and vote out the Impostors before the killings overwhelm them or the ship’s critical functions fail.

The game transpires in confined spaces with a top-down perspective. Players can only see other characters within a small radius around them, lending an atmosphere of uncertainty and suspicion. Crewmates win by either completing all maintenance tasks or ejecting all Impostors. Impostors prevail if equal numbers remain from both teams or if a fatal sabotage countdown finishes.

Crewmate Gameplay

As a Crewmate, you must bounce between performing repairs and investigating odd behavior. Your task list contains various minigames such as rerouting wires, fueling engines, and swiping passkeys. Completing them efficiently is crucial since Impostors can ambush you while your guard is down.

Stay vigilant for things that seem amiss, like doors locking you out of rooms or the lights shutting off. These could signal Impostor sabotages designed to obstruct your progress. Alert other players immediately if you discover a dead body so a discussion can commence about the potential killer’s identity.

During these emergency meetings, you must analyze facts, debate suspicions, make logical deductions about events, and determine who seems least credible in their defenses. It takes collaboration and cunning to reach the correct verdict.

Impostor Gameplay

Impostors walk an intricate line between blending in and sowing chaos. You appear on task lists alongside Crewmates to avoid raising early doubts. Sabotaging at critical moments creates confusion to conceal your killings. Ventilation shafts scattered around the maps enable you to traverse unseen and ambush prey.

Take care not to look overtly suspicious—don’t frequently contradict your previous statements or behave erratically when emergencies arise. Convince the team you’re fixing issues, not causing them. It often helps to subtly redirect blame onto other players. Just don’t overdo it with baseless accusations or you may find yourself promptly ejected. The art of deception takes practice.

Strategies for Both Sides

Whether Crewmate or Impostor, carefully manage the information you volunteer. Revealing too much about your movements hands the opposition ammunition. On the other hand, an eerie silence can draw unwanted scrutiny. Share details strategically and honestly (if you’re a Crewmate) or manipulate them cleverly (if an Impostor).

Make full use of the ship’s tracking systems, like security cameras and vitals monitors. Cross-reference their logs to verify players’ claims or pinpoint their locations. As an Impostor, learn these devices’ placements so you can avoid them or tamper with recordings.

Pay attention to how long tasks take for each person. Impostors feigning progress should finish suspiciously quickly. If you think someone is faking taskwork, discreetly follow them and catch them sabotaging instead. Just don’t stalk so closely that the target notices you.

In the end, Among Us rewards those who balance acute perception, deductive prowess, communication skills, and strategic maneuvering. It distills the thrill of mystery novels and the cunning of poker into one tense battle of subterfuge and detection. Now that you grasp the basics, it’s time to sneak aboard, establish some alibis, and expose the impostors hiding among you!


Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to play Among Us, from the premise to strategies, you can start detecting imposters and ejecting them into space. For more guides covering popular games, the latest tech gadgets, and all things related to gaming culture, check out Feel free to share this beginner’s explanation of Among Us with friends who are curious to try it themselves. GamerGems welcomes any constructive feedback on this or other articles we produce. Please reach out if you spot errors or have additional tips for mastering Among Us that could provide value for newcomers. Our goal is to equip readers with the insights they need while spotlighting promising gaming innovations.



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