Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More

Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More


Bloodhound is one of the most useful and important legends in Apex Mobile if you know how to play them correctly. Almost everyone likes to play this character, and there’s a good reason why – they’re incredibly powerful when used properly. Let’s go over all of Bloodhound’s abilities, how to play them effectively, plus some tips and tricks. You’re going to want a Bloodhound on your squad at all times – without one, you’re at a major disadvantage.

Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND
Apex Legends Mobile BLOODHOUND

Bloodhound is a legend that can be played both passively and aggressively at the same time. If you prefer a more balanced playstyle, then Bloodhound is a great choice due to their versatility. Now let’s dive into their abilities:

Bloodhound’s Passive Ability: Tracker

In simple terms, Bloodhound can see exactly where enemies have been recently. You can see footprints and determine how long ago someone was in a specific spot, giving you and your squad better situational awareness.

Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather

With this ability, Bloodhound scans in front of them up to 75 meters away, revealing the location of all enemies caught in the scan. Make sure to aim the scan where you suspect enemies may be hiding. This is one of the most useful abilities in Apex Legends Mobile, allowing you to see all nearby foes for a short time. It has a 25 second cooldown. When used, enemies will get a “Sonar Detected” warning, so use it strategically.

Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt

When activated, Bloodhound gains 30% increased movement speed and enhanced senses, with enemies highlighted in red. This makes running down and tracking opponents much easier. Tactical ability cooldown is also shortened during the ultimate. It lasts 30 seconds and has a 3 minute cooldown, so use it wisely.

Useful Bloodhound Tips and Tricks:

  • Don’t waste your tactical scan – it’s on a lengthy 25 second cooldown. Use it strategically when you suspect enemies are near.
  • Bloodhound pairs incredibly well with Bangalore, since Bloodhound can see through Bangalore’s smoke with their abilities.
  • The ultimate is great for both attacking and escaping. The speed boost can help you chase down weakened enemies or flee from bad situations.
  • Carry ultimate accelerants to get your ultimate ability back faster.
  • Move erratically and use cover when scanning, as enemies will know they’ve been revealed. Don’t make yourself an easy target.
  • Scan before reviving teammates or looting deathboxes, to ensure the area is secure.
  • Use the ultimate preemptively before engaging in battles, for the edge it provides.
  • The passive tracking shows not just where enemies are, but which direction they’re moving. Use it to hunt foes down.

With the proper use of their tracking abilities, Bloodhound provides invaluable information to their team. Now that you know how to play them effectively, Bloodhound can be a real game-changer for your squad!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile

What class is Bloodhound?

Bloodhound is a Recon class legend focused on tracking enemies and gathering information.

What should my role be when playing Bloodhound?

Use your tracking abilities to scout ahead for your team and reveal enemy locations. Provide constant intel.

Who does Bloodhound counter in Apex Legends Mobile?

Bloodhound is strong against “escape artists” like Wraith and Bangalore who rely on stealth and repositioning. Bloodhound can track them.

Who counters Bloodhound?

Long range fighters like G7 Scouts or Charge Rifle users can attack Bloodhound from afar while outside scan range.

What guns work best with Bloodhound?

Shotguns like the Peacekeeper or EVA-8 allow you to quickly capitalize on Bloodhound scan intel in close quarters.

Should I scan enemies frequently or save it?

Scan strategically on suspicion of enemies, don’t waste it. But do use it before fights for an advantage.

Does Bloodhound’s ultimate affect teammates too?

No, only Bloodhound gains benefits from the Beast of the Hunt ultimate.

How do I play Bloodhound effectively?

Use your tracking tools to constantly gather info for your team. Provide scouting and intel with your abilities.

Hopefully this guide has provided plenty of tips and strategies to master this powerful tracker legend. Use Bloodhound’s abilities to dominate your matches!



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