Apex Legends Mobile OCTANE GUIDE: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More

Apex Legends Mobile OCTANE GUIDE: Abilities, Tips and Tricks, and More


Octane is one of the most popular and fun legends to play in Apex Legends Mobile. With his high-speed abilities, he enables aggressive, in-your-face gameplay. Mastering Octane takes time, but once you learn how to utilize his kit effectively, you’ll be zooming around the battlefield outpacing your enemies. In this guide, we’ll break down Octane’s abilities, provide ability tips, suggest how to play Octane, and share some general tips and tricks. Let’s get into it!


Octane’s Abilities

Passive – Swift Mend: Automatically restores health over time as long as Octane isn’t taking damage. This passive allows Octane to heal without using syringes. It enables an aggressive playstyle.

Tactical – Stim: Gives Octane a speed boost at the cost of some health. Specifically, Octane gets a 30% movement speed increase for 6 seconds, but loses 12 health when using the stim. This allows Octane to reposition quickly and push enemies.

Ultimate – Launch Pad: Octane throws down a jump pad that catapults players through the air. Both teammates and enemies can use Launch Pads. This pad is great for engaging fights, escaping battles, or quickly moving across the map.

Octane Ability Tips

  • Don’t spam Stim too much. It will quickly drain your health, leaving you vulnerable. Use Stim sparingly and effectively.
  • Time your Stims well during battles. Use it to chase enemies or dodge shots. Don’t use it when already weak.
  • Place Launch Pads where your team can use them easily. Put them near loot, objectives, or chokepoints.
  • Slide into Launch Pads for maximum distance. Also double jump at the peak of your launch.
  • Destroy enemy Launch Pads when possible so they can’t use them.

How to Play Octane

  • Play aggressively and look for flanks. Stim allows you to reposition quickly.
  • Use Stim to chase kills or third party fights. The speed boost enables aggressive pushes.
  • Place Launch Pads near fights to dive in quickly. The verticality makes you hard to hit.
  • Flank and take unexpected angles with the Launch Pad. Enemies won’t expect you from above.
  • Use Stim to quickly loot and rotate around the map. Grab what you need and go.
  • Escape bad situations with Stim and Launch Pads. Break line of sight and reposition.

Octane Tips and Tricks

  • Learn how to bunny hop while Stimmed to maintain speed. Jump, slide, jump, repeat.
  • Carry stim healing items like syringes and med kits. You’ll need them after frequent Stims.
  • Don’t forget to crouch slide – sliding increases Stim’s speed boost.
  • Stim before using healing items to reduce the time it takes to use them.
  • Third party fights when you have Jump Pad available. Fly in and clean up weak enemies.
  • Use Jump Pads to reach high ground like rooftops. Take the vertical space.
  • Bounce on Jump Pads repeatedly to scout areas and look for enemies.
  • Jump Pads can help you escape the deadly ring. Quickly reposition out of the ring.

Octane is an extremely fun legend that enables fast-paced aggressive gameplay. Follow these tips and you’ll be bouncing around the arena in no time. Practice makes perfect with Octane, so don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first. Once you get the hang of Octane’s abilities, you’ll become a feared speed demon leaving enemies in the dust. Now get out there and put your new Octane skills to the test!



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