Apex Legends Mobile Wraith Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Mobile Wraith Guide: Abilities, Tips and Tricks


Wraith is one of the best legends in Apex Mobile if you know how to use her correctly, and she’s the most fun aggressive legend to play within the game. You’re just getting started playing Apex Legends Mobile and you’ve seen everyone playing with this character. Let’s dive into all of Wraith’s abilities and how to play her to maximize her potential with some awesome tips and tricks.

Wraith is not only one of the best characters in Apex Mobile but she’s also one of the hardest legends to kill in the game. Before we get into Wraith’s abilities let’s go over exactly why you’ll love playing as her.

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Apex Legends

Wraith is all about movement and aggression. If you love getting kills, engaging in fights, and intense action, Wraith is perfect for you. Her abilities allow you to reposition and avoid damage during battles.

Wraith’s Passive Ability “Voices from the Void”

You hear a voice when danger approaches. Wraith will speak out loud whenever an enemy is near. You’ll hear call outs like “You’re in view of the enemy”, “I have a feeling someone’s watching us”, and “Making contact with enemies”. Even if an enemy is aiming at you from afar, you’ll know. This is super useful, especially against snipers. You’ll know if someone has you in their sights ready to take the shot. Wraith can provide vital intel to the entire squad about incoming dangers before you even see the enemy. She makes for an excellent team leader.

Wraith’s Tactical Ability “Into the Void”

Quickly reposition through the void avoiding all damage. When you use this ability, Wraith turns invisible to enemies. They will only see a faint purple trail as she moves. While in the void, Wraith cannot take any damage from anything – guns, explosives, storms – she is completely invincible.

In the void, Wraith gets a 30% movement speed boost. This allows her to be an elusive target and reposition aggressively. Into the Void lasts for 4 seconds and has a 25 second cooldown. It takes 2 seconds to fully activate so be aware you cannot instantly enter the void during a gunfight. Try to avoid activating it directly in front of an enemy as you will be slowed during the activation.

Wraith’s Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift

Link two locations with portals lasting 60 seconds. In simple terms, Wraith can create two connected portals for her and her teammates to travel between. However, enemies can also use these portals so be tactical with placement.

When you activate Wraith’s portal, the first portal will be placed at your current location. The second portal is placed when you manually activate the ability again or run out of energy. Your energy depletes the further you travel from the first portal and you can go up to 75 meters before it is fully drained. Both portals last 60 seconds and have unlimited uses.

If you accidentally activate the portal, you can cancel it while above 95% energy by pressing the ability button again. An important tip is that you can enter the void after placing the first portal to safely create the second. This gives you a speed boost and makes you invincible while traversing to your destination.

A powerful way to use the portal is to block off doorways. Place one end in a building doorway and you have an easy escape while enemies outside the portal cannot enter. This buys you time to heal or revive teammates if being chased. There are many creative uses for Wraith’s portal during battles or when retreating so experiment.

Now that you know all about Wraith’s abilities, here are some tips and tricks to utilize her kit effectively:

  • Use portal aggressively to push enemies by surprising them from unexpected angles.
  • The void can be used to scout ahead safely and gain intel without being seen.
  • When reviving teammates, use the void for protection then create a portal for safe escape.
  • Her passive warns you of impending danger so reposition when you hear the voices.
  • Flank enemies by using the void tactically to reposition behind or around them.
  • Use the void when being aimed at by snipers to safely relocate.
  • Create portals between high ground positions to dominate areas.
  • Lead your team through buildings and areas using the void to safely scout ahead.
  • Use the portal to reach loot or zones in the ring your team can’t access.

Wraith is the most popular legend for a reason – her abilities allow skilled players to pull off highlights and clutch plays. But it takes practice to use her kit effectively. Follow these tips and with time you’ll be escaping danger and dominating with Wraith.


What are Wraith’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile?

Wraith has a passive called Voices from the Void that warns of danger. Her tactical, Into the Void, lets her become invincible and faster for a short time. Her ultimate allows her to create two connected portals between locations.

How do you play Wraith aggressively?

Use her tactical to quickly flank enemies, portal to push from unexpected angles, and her passive to gain information on enemy locations. Her kit is perfect for an aggressive, high skill cap playstyle.

What guns are best for Wraith?

As an aggressive attacker, close range weapons like shotguns and SMGs suit her. Pair these with a mid-long range gun like a Hemlok or G7 Scout.

What abilities should you prioritize upgrading on Wraith?

Focus on upgrading Into the Void first. The increased duration and decreased cooldown will improve her aggressive repositioning and escape potential. After that, increase portal distance.

Is Wraith beginner friendly?

Wraith has a moderately high skill ceiling due to her kit. Beginners may struggle using her abilities effectively. Her portal takes time to learn. Start with easier legends like Bloodhound or Lifeline.



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