The Best Guns and Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Mobile

The Best Guns and Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends Mobile features an arsenal of 24 powerful guns and weapons to help you dominate the battle royale arena. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming for new players to know which ones are the most effective. In this guide, we will breakdown the top weapons that you should be using to get more kills and win more matches in Apex Legends Mobile.

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Volt SMG

The Volt SMG is one of the most versatile and reliable weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. This energy ammo submachine gun is effective at close, medium, and even long range encounters. While its rate of fire is not the highest, the Volt makes up for it with its stability and damage output. The Volt has very minimal recoil, allowing you to beam enemies even without attaching barrel or stock mods. Unlike some guns, the Volt SMG is deadly right out of the box without any attachments necessary. If you come across a Volt early in a match, it will give you a massive advantage over opponents still scrambling for loot.

R-301 Carbine

Without a doubt, the R-301 Carbine is the best overall weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. The R-301 assault rifle is an absolute laser beam with its unrivaled accuracy and versatility. This rifle can shred enemies up close, in mid-range shootouts, and even pick off targets at long distances. The R-301 has zero recoil allowing you to one clip opponents with ease. It also packs a heavy punch with high damage per bullet. There’s a good reason the R-301 is the most popular gun by far in Apex Legends Mobile. If you can master using the R-301, it will carry you to more wins than any other weapon.

EVA-8 Auto Shotgun

For close quarters combat, no gun is better than the EVA-8 Auto. This fully automatic shotgun is an absolute monster in indoor fights and early game drops. The EVA-8 sets itself apart by allowing you to hold down the trigger and unleash a flurry of rapid fire shots. The EVA-8’s bullet spread actually creates a number “8” pattern. Aiming center mass at the chest allows some of the spray to hit the head for massive damage. The EVA-8 can shred enemy armor and down opponents faster than any other shotgun. The auto fire mechanism also means you don’t have to be as precise with your aim at close range.

Spitfire LMG

The Spitfire light machine gun is so potent that it can only be found in care package drops. This LMG packs a ridiculously large 60 round magazine that just doesn’t stop spraying. The Spitfire has similar damage and accuracy as the R-301 but with the added benefit of never having to reload. You can wipe entire squads without reloading if your aim is on point. The Spitfire excels at pinning down areas with relentless suppressive fire. Make sure to prioritize dropping on care packages whenever possible to try and secure this dominant LMG.

Kraber .50 CAL Sniper

Just like the Spitfire, the Kraber .50 CAL is an air drop only weapon. The Kraber is the undisputed king of long range snipers in Apex Legends Mobile. It’s almost an automatic kill if you can land a headshot with this bolt action beast. The Kraber deals a massive 145 damage to the body and a staggering 435 damage to the head – enough to instantly knock any player regardless of armor, abilities, or health. Downside is you only get 8 shots and you must reload each bullet manually. But if you have expert aim, the Kraber allows you to one-shot kill enemies across the map with satisfying headshot dinks.

Mastering these top tier weapons will give you a major advantage in Apex Legends Mobile. However, skill and mechanics are still crucial, so don’t expect these guns alone to make you an expert player. Use positioning, movement, and ability combos to complement your loadout. With enough practice, these powerful guns can help you wipe squads, win more firefights, and earn Victory Royales on the battlegrounds. Now grab your favorite overpowered weapon and start dominating your Apex Legends Mobile matches today!

There you have it – the top guns and weapons you should be using right now in Apex Legends Mobile to get more kills and wins. Each of these firearms excel in different scenarios, whether it’s close quarters combat, medium range shootouts, or long distance sniping. Mastering their strengths will give you an advantage in almost every engagement. But weapons are only one component – you still need skill, movement, positioning, and ability usage to become an elite player. With enough practice, combining high tier weapons with strong fundamentals will help you dominate any lobby. For more guides to improve your Apex Legends Mobile gameplay, be sure to visit Thanks for reading and good luck in your next matches!



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