Best Legends to Play in Apex Legends Mobile Guide

Best Legends to Play in Apex Legends Mobile Guide


Apex Legends Mobile has quickly become one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices. With its smooth gameplay, diverse roster of Legends, and thrilling gunplay, it’s easy to see why so many players are hooked. However, with 10 unique Legends to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones to unlock and master. In this guide, we’ll break down the absolute best Legends to play in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends


Without a doubt, Octane is one of the top tier Legends in Apex Mobile right now. His entire kit is focused on speed and aggression, making him an extremely potent threat. Octane’s Tactical ability, Stim, gives him a tremendous burst of speed for 6 seconds. During this time, he ignores slowdown from weapon fire and can reposition or push enemies at blinding pace. Stim has a short 2 second cooldown, meaning Octane can use it frequently to bamboozle his foes. His Passive ability, Swift Mend, allows him to slowly regenerate health over time as long as he’s not taking damage. This gives Octane sustain in long fights.

But Octane’s most powerful tool is his Ultimate ability, Launch Pad. He can place a jump pad on the ground that catapults any friendly legends who step on it into the air. This pad can send you flying incredible distances, allowing you to cross large gaps or gain high ground instantly. It’s extremely useful for quick rotations or initiating fights. When used properly, Launch Pad is an absolute game-changer. Octane excels at playing fast and aggressive, catching enemies off-guard with his speed and mobility. For players who love non-stop action, Octane is easily one of the best Legends available.


The technological tracker Bloodhound boasts some of the most powerful recon abilities in Apex Legends Mobile. Their entire kit revolves around knowledge and outsmarting your opponents. Bloodhound’s Tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, briefly reveals hidden enemies within its scan radius and through obstacles. Any foes caught in the scan are highlighted for Bloodhound’s entire team to see, letting you track their precise movements for a few seconds. This makes Bloodhound amazing at gathering intel before taking fights. Their Passive ability, Tracker, allows them to see fresh enemy footprints and clues on the environment. This builds on their role as the ultimate hunter.

But Bloodhound’s crown jewel is their Beast of the Hunt Ultimate. When activated, Bloodhound gains a massive speed boost, enhanced senses, and the ability to constantly pulse scan enemies nearby. With this raw power, Bloodhound can relentlessly track down weakened foes and finish them off. Their entire kit feeds vital information to the player, allowing smart Bloodhound mains to out-position and out-play anyone they face. In the hands of a skilled tracker, no enemy is safe from Bloodhound’s hunting capabilities.


The one and only Mirage is all about deception and trickery. His entire kit focuses on bamboozling enemies with flawless decoys and invisibility. Mirage’s Tactical ability, Psyche Out, sends a decoy running forward to mimic the player’s movements. This decoy looks exactly like Mirage, making it perfect for baiting out enemy fire or scouting dangerous areas. His passive, Now You See Me…, cloaks Mirage in invisibility for 5 seconds whenever he’s knocked down. This allows Mirage players to crawl to safety or sneakily resurrect teammates when wounded.

However, Mirage’s Ultimate ability Vanishing Act is his most impactful skill. Upon activation, Mirage vanishes while generating 5 decoys that run around mimicking his behavior. With 6 convincing fakes running around, enemies have an extremely hard time figuring out the real Mirage. This ability excels at turning the tides in hectic close-range fights and allows Mirage to outplay multiple opponents at once. Mirage is the master of deception and unpredictable movement in Apex Legends Mobile. Players who love outsmarting and confusing enemies will have an absolute blast with this Legend.


The interdimensional skirmisher Wraith remains one of the most versatile and powerful Legends across every version of Apex Legends. Her entire kit is focused on repositioning and escaping danger. Wraith’s Tactical ability, Into the Void, opens a portal for her to become intangible for a few seconds. While voidwalking, she can’t be harmed and gains speed, allowing her to reposition or avoid heavy enemy fire. This ability has a short cooldown, giving Wraith reliable access to temporary invulnerability. Her Passive ability Voices from the Void alerts her whenever she is spotted or in danger, giving her a crucial heads-up against hidden enemies.

But Wraith’s Ultimate skill Dimensional Rift showcases her full potential. She can link two locations with portals that last for 60 seconds. Friendly legends can use these portals to traverse huge distances, flank aggressively, escape battles, and much more. Dimensional Rift is an incredibly versatile team mobility tool, and in the hands of a skilled Wraith it can enable huge plays. Wraith excels at initiating fights and then repositioning aggressively with her dimensional abilities. For combatants who love a fast-paced, run-and-gun playstyle, Wraith is easily one of the best choices in Apex Legends Mobile.

So in conclusion, Octane, Bloodhound, Mirage, and Wraith are clearly among the best Legends you can currently play in Apex Legends Mobile. Their unique and powerful abilities give them such dynamic potential to outplay opponents and change the course of matches. Of course, personal playstyle preferences and skill with each Legend should factor into your decision as well. But by mastering one of these dominant characters, you’ll be equipping yourself with some of the most potent tools for victory available.

The world of Apex Legends Mobile is fast-paced and ever evolving. With new Legends and updates constantly on the horizon, the meta could shift at any time. But for now, you can’t go wrong by adding these four powerhouses to your roster. Their flexible, combat-focused abilities will serve you well. Just remember to keep practicing and trying new tactics. Mastery takes time.

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