Everything You Need to Know About Loba’s Ability in Apex Legends

Everything You Need to Know About Loba's Ability in Apex Legends

Everything You Need to Know About Loba’s Ability in Apex Legends


Loba is the newest legend added to Apex Legends in Season 5. She brings a unique set of abilities focused on mobility and theft. Here is everything you need to know about how Loba’s abilities work and how to use them effectively.

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Loba’s Passive Ability: Eye for Quality

Loba’s passive ability is called Eye for Quality. It allows her to see high-tier loot through walls and obstacles up to a considerable distance. This makes it easy for Loba to scope out valuable items before entering an area.

When aiming down sights, nearby epic and legendary loot will be highlighted in purple. This allows you to pinpoint valuable weapons, attachments, armor and more that enemies may have dropped. Use Eye for Quality to ensure you are geared up with strong weapons and armor.

Loba’s Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend

Loba’s tactical ability is a teleportation skill called Burglar’s Best Friend. She throws a disc and after a brief delay is able to teleport to that location. This gives Loba great mobility to get herself into or out of fights.

The teleport is useful for flanking enemies, escaping dangerous situations, reaching high ground and more. It can be used both aggressively and defensively. The teleport disc moves quite slowly though, so make sure to lead your throws when targeting longer distances.

Loba’s Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

Black Market Boutique allows Loba to place a device that pulls all nearby loot towards it. She and her teammates can then grab two items each from the stockpile. It’s incredibly useful for gearing up mid-fight or when resources are scarce.

Use the Black Market to arm your whole squad with upgraded shields, attachments, ammo, ordnance and healing. Place it behind cover to safely access the goods. You can grab two items per Black Market use, so make those selections count. It has a long cooldown so use it wisely.

General Tips for Using Loba’s Abilities

Here are some tips to use Loba’s abilities most effectively:

  • Scout for loot constantly with Eye for Quality. Good gear wins fights.
  • Get creative with Burglar’s Best Friend teleports. Flank, escape, reach vantage points.
  • Place Black Market Boutique where your squad can safely access it, not out in the open.
  • Grab essentials from the Black Market like shields, ammo and grenades.
  • Use the teleport to quickly reposition downed teammates and revive them.
  • Teleport onto rooftops and unexpected angles to surprise enemies.
  • Save your abilities for when you need them most, don’t waste them.

Loba is tremendously fun to play if you enjoy her mobility and theft-focused playstyle. Master her abilities and Loba can be a powerful pick for any squad. She is especially strong with communication and coordination. Time Burglar’s Best Friend teleports and Black Market Boutique well with your team to maximize effectiveness. Use Loba’s unique abilities to outmaneuver and outloot opponents!

Frequently Asked Questions About Loba

Here are some common questions about how Loba works in Apex Legends:

How long does the teleport take to activate?

It takes around 2 seconds between throwing the disc and teleporting to the location. Make sure to throw it well ahead of time!

Does the teleport disc expire if not used?

Yes, it will disappear after 10 seconds if Loba does not teleport to it in time.

Can Loba teleport through windows and small gaps?

No, the teleport disc and Loba herself cannot pass through windows or small openings.

Can the teleport disc be destroyed?

Yes, enemies can shoot the disc before Loba teleports, destroying it.

How many items can be taken from Black Market Boutique?

Loba and each teammate can grab two items each time they access the Black Market.

What happens if Loba dies while her tactical or ultimate is in use?

If Loba dies while her teleport disc or Black Market is out, they will immediately disappear.

Is there a range limit on Eye for Quality?

Yes, it has a range of about 100 meters to detect nearby loot through obstacles.

Does Black Market Boutique pull in enemy deathboxes?

Yes, any deathboxes in the vicinity will have their contents pulled into Black Market Boutique.

Can allies use the teleport disc or just Loba?

Only Loba herself can teleport to the disc location, allies cannot use it.

Mastering Loba’s abilities takes practice and creativity. But she is a very fun legend that brings great team utility. Her mobility and loot procurement abilities make Loba a great choice in Apex Legends. Use this overview to enhance your skill with Loba’s diverse toolkit.



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