How to get PUBG Mobile/BGMI Unlimited Room Card?

How to get PUBG Mobile/BGMI Unlimited Room Card?

How to get PUBG Mobile/BGMI Unlimited Room Card?


Getting unlimited room cards in PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a dream for many players. Room cards allow you to create custom matches where you can play with friends or host tournaments. Here is a detailed guide on how to get room cards in PUBG Mobile/BGMI through various free and paid methods.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Shop Treasures

This is the easiest way to get room cards by spending UC (Unknown Cash). In the global version and BGMI, you can buy:

  • Advanced Room Card (7 times usable) – 500 UC
  • Advanced Room Card (1 time usable) – 100 UC

In the Korean version, there are more options:

  • 30-day Advanced Room Card (unlimited) – 1200 UC
  • 7-day Advanced Room Card (unlimited) – 300 UC
  • 1-day Advanced Room Card (unlimited) – 60 UC
  • 30-day Basic Room Card (unlimited) – 500 UC
  • 7-day Basic Room Card (unlimited) – 150 UC
  • 1-day Basic Room Card (unlimited) – 40 UC

The Korean version is better for getting unlimited cards at lower prices.

Royal Pass

You can get the following room cards from the Royal Pass rewards:

  • 1-time usable Advanced Room Card
  • 7-day unlimited Basic Room Card

So if you buy RP, you get some free room cards.

Clan Shop

For 300 clan points, you can buy a 1-time usable Basic Room Card from the clan shop. You can buy one every 10 days.

Free Methods


Sometimes PUBG Mobile/BGMI run events or giveaways where you can get free room cards. Keep an eye out for these limited time offers.

RP Rank Rewards

If you reach certain RP ranks (example Ace), you are rewarded with room cards. The higher you rank up, the more room cards you get.

Clan Wars

By scoring points in Clan Wars, your clan may earn room cards depending on rank. The top ranking clans get more cards.


Some tournaments hosted by PUBG Mobile provide room cards to top performers. You can participate in these to win room cards based on your rank.


Follow PUBG Mobile social media for giveaways. They often give room cards to lucky winners. You can also find YouTubers or streamers doing room card giveaways.

Official Rooms

Keep checking the events section as PUBG Mobile itself hosts custom rooms everyday that are free to join. No room card required.

So in summary, buying room cards is the easiest way, especially from the Korean version shop. But you can also get free cards from RP, clans, events, tournaments, giveaways etc. I hope this guide gave you all the details on getting unlimited room cards in PUBG Mobile/BGMI. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for getting free room cards.

Getting room cards in PUBG Mobile/BGMI can require some effort and UC investment. While buying cards is the most direct option, there are opportunities to get free cards from progression, clans, events, giveaways etc. This guide summarizes all the known methods for acquiring room cards in 2022. Hopefully you now understand how to get unlimited cards to host customs and tournaments. For more tips and tricks on PUBG Mobile, BGMI, and other games, be sure to visit



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