How to Market your Business in Lockdown Days: 4 Key Strategies

How to Market your Business in Lockdown Days

How to Market your Business in Lockdown Days: 4 Key Strategies


As lockdowns sweep the globe during the Covid-19 crisis, businesses must rapidly adapt their operations and marketing to stay viable. With economic uncertainty ahead and social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future, companies should reformulate their approaches to attracting customers and driving revenue. Though the financial impact may seem daunting presently, firms that creatively restructure (rather than reduce) their marketing efforts will likely recover more robustly long-term.


This article outlines four impactful strategies businesses can employ to market themselves during lockdown:

Commit to Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

With vast numbers working remotely and relying on online services, search engine optimization (SEO) remains crucial for companies to uphold. Recent surveys indicate businesses that persist in optimizing their websites and digital assets for organic search stand to gain market share coming out of a recession. Though tightening budgets tempts trimming SEO and content production, such cuts tend to damage brands over time. By sticking to core SEO fundamentals like quality link building, site speed improvements, updated meta tags and page titles, companies can cost-effectively maintain visibility and discovery by target audiences.

Fine-Tune (Don’t Gut) Marketing Spend

Slashing marketing budgets to extreme degrees often backfires long-term, eroding customer awareness, loyalty and ultimately revenue. However, given leaner operations presently, firms should reexamine marketing costs more surgically – retaining critical functions while optimizing secondary programs. For example, paid digital outlets like social platforms and search ads now offer more economical promotion than pre-pandemic. Companies might transfer some budget from canceled tradeshows or events into refined digital efforts. The goal is strategic reallocation into efficient channels rather than broad cuts that lose hard-won audience connections.

Capitalize on Low-Cost Digital Ads

For companies with some capital to invest, inexpensive ad buys across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google Search present big opportunities amid lowered competition. As numerous players pare back budgets, advertising prices drop across digital media, enabling compelling returns on investment for those still spending. Even minimal ad funding funneled into targeted social media and search campaigns can deliver outsized exposure and traffic during the current climate. The key is honing messaging and segments to precisely defined high-value customer groups instead of dilution across broad untargeted populations.

Build Out Online Presence and Payments

Among the most vital marketing steps currently is expanding online sales infrastructure – allowing customers to engage brands, purchase products/services and pay digitally with minimal physical contact. For retailers, this means comprehensively cataloging inventory so its shoppable online. For restaurants, this translates to online menus, ordering and delivery options. For service providers, this means videoconferencing availability and contactless payment acceptance. While accepting and processing online payments requires some development work, smooth digital experiences are paramount to remaining accessible and frictionless for patrons during lockdown.

In Summary…

With some strategic adjustments, businesses can continue making sales and garnering customer interest despite physical premises shuttering and social distancing measures. While challenging at first, firms willing to iterate their approaches to reflect current consumer realities and behaviors can regain stable footing sooner. Above all, companies must avoid panicked, sweeping marketing cuts that erode their underlying value. By keeping core brand visibility and digital experiences strong now, brands equip themselves to recapture market share as normalization inches closer.

What core on-page elements should I optimize for SEO?

Focus on improving page titles, headers, content, image alt text, site speed, etc. Technical website audits can uncover more areas to enhance.

Where should I allocate more marketing budget right now?

Consider shifting some traditional spending into owned online channels – website, social media, email lists. Maintain brand visibility through cost-efficient methods.

How much should I cut my marketing budget by?

Avoid extreme cuts over 20%. Trim non-essential spends by 10-15% and reallocate to current in-demand digital promotions.

Which paid platforms offer the most affordable ads during lockdowns?

With lower competition, Facebook, Instagram and Google Search ads can deliver more impressions and clicks for less cost presently.

What is the fastest way to list products online as a small retailer?

Use simplified ecommerce site builders like Shopify for quick, low-cost setup. Leverage existing catalogs and distribution.

What percentage of revenue should shift online during lockdowns?

Ideal benchmarks depend heavily on your industry, but aim for 25-50% from digital channels in current climate.


Here are four ways to promote your business during lockdown. Check out for more articles on gaming, technology, and other topics. If you enjoy this, share it with your friends. If you find any mistakes or want to add more information, contact us.



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