Say Goodbye to Pricey GPUs: Nvidia Drops the Bar with New RTX 3050

Nvidia Drops the Bar with New RTX 3050

Say Goodbye to Pricey GPUs: Nvidia Drops the Bar with New RTX 3050


Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards continue to expand, with the company now reportedly working on a more affordable variant of the RTX 3050 instead of an entirely new model. Specifications suggest Nvidia is developing a 6GB version of the recently announced 8GB RTX 3050. Let’s take a closer look…

Budget-Conscious Gamers Rejoice: RTX 3050 6GB on the Way

Back in January 2022, Nvidia unveiled the 8GB RTX 3050 graphics card priced at $249, featuring 3072 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 memory. While its performance drew some debate, the relatively low price made it a quick hit with budget-minded gamers. But Nvidia didn’t stop there, apparently now cooking up an even more cost-effective 6GB iteration of the RTX 3050. Most recently, a Russian retailer’s product listing for Palit-branded RTX 3050 6GB models revealed this wallet-friendly GPU.

RTX 3050

Per the listing, the 6GB card has a base clock of 1042MHz, markedly lower than the current 8GB RTX 3050’s 1552MHz. Thankfully, the boost speed remains unchanged at 1777MHz, as does the CUDA core count (2560).

Clearly, Nvidia knows many consumers prioritize affordability first and foremost. However, if you’re considering waiting for the 6GB RTX 3050 when shopping for a graphics card, some trade-offs are worth weighing. Despite identical CUDA cores, the lower base clock and VRAM could impact performance in demanding games.

Still, for less resource-intensive gaming and tasks, it may deliver welcome savings. Also, some existing laptops already pack the RTX 3050 with reduced VRAM, so checking benchmarks on those models can provide initial guidance. For most budgets, the 6GB RTX 3050 will likely satisfy.

The rumored 6GB RTX 3050 delivers an intriguing budget-friendly option for gaming at 1080p or lower resolutions. While the reduced VRAM and lower base clock may impact performance versus the 8GB model, the brand new RTX 3050 6GB will still bring real-time ray tracing and DLSS to more affordable PCs and laptops. For gaming on a tight budget, the RTX 3050 6GB could become a go-to choice over the coming months.

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