The Gods of Solo Leveling Explained

Solo Leveling has captivated audiences with its incredible action sequences, vibrant art, and intricate worldbuilding. While on the surface it may seem like a straightforward power fantasy, Solo Leveling features a complex backstory involving warring supernatural factions that provides depth to the story. In this article, we’ll explore the gods of Solo Leveling and how they shaped the universe the series takes place in.

The Absolute Being – The Original God

Gods of Solo Leveling
Gods of Solo Leveling

In the beginning, there was only the Absolute Being, a god of unlimited power who could create life from nothing. The Absolute Being took the primordial forces of light and darkness and split them into two factions – the Rulers, representing the light, and the Monarchs, representing the darkness.

The Absolute Being tasked the Rulers with protecting humanity, while the Monarchs were instructed to destroy it. This set up an endless war between the two sides for the Absolute Being’s amusement. The Absolute Being cared little for its creations, seeing them only as toys to stave off its cosmic boredom.

The Rulers Rebel

After eons of warfare, the peace-loving Rulers grew tired of the senseless fighting and pleaded with the Absolute Being to end the conflict. But the Absolute Being ignored their pleas, content to let the war rage on eternally.

Realizing their creator did not care about them or humanity, seven of the eight Rulers rebelled against the Absolute Being. The strongest Ruler, Ashborn, remained loyal and fought against his brethren, but was defeated when facing the other seven alone.

Left for dead, Ashborn went on to become the Shadow Monarch, defecting to the other side. The remaining Rulers then succeeded in destroying the Absolute Being and took its place as the new gods of the Solo Leveling universe.

The New Gods and the Endless Struggle

With the Absolute Being gone, the Rulers now had access to its divine tools, like the Cup of Reincarnation which allowed time travel. This gave them an advantage over the Monarchs in their endless war.

When the Rulers later captured a Monarch alive, the balance shifted too far, prompting Ashborn to defect back to the Monarchs to even the odds. His shifting loyalties made both sides uneasy about his intentions.

Later, when two Monarchs betrayed Ashborn and attacked him, he went into hiding to revive his Shadow Army and get revenge. With Ashborn temporarily out of the picture, the Rulers finally won the long war against the Monarchs.

But it was a pyrrhic victory, as the Monarchs escaped to other dimensions. Ashborn eventually returned to the Monarchs for another round in the endless cycle of conflict.

The Fall of Humanity

The Fall of Humanity
The Fall of Humanity

Centuries later, the Monarchs gathered their strength and attempted once more to eradicate humanity. Despite the Rulers’ efforts, humanity was annihilated.

Using the Cup of Reincarnation, the Rulers turned back time over and over, but each time the Monarchs prevailed and destroyed humanity again. With the cup’s powers nearly exhausted, the Rulers took drastic action.

The Rulers’ Contingency Plan

Ten years before the start of Solo Leveling, the Rulers implemented a desperate contingency plan. They introduced gates and magical beasts to saturate the world with mana and give humanity the power to resist the Monarchs.

The Rulers also imbued seven human vessels with their abilities, creating the world’s strongest Hunters. However, they feared what would happen if Ashborn also took a human vessel, and tasked one of the empowered Hunters with killing this potential Shadow Monarch vessel.

Ashborn Seeks a Successor

Ashborn indeed intended to find his own human successor. For eons he had sought a way to finally end the ceaseless conflict between the godly factions. Ashborn possessed fearsome shadow powers granted by the Absolute Being, including the ability to raise fallen enemies as undead warriors.

Ashborn’s successor would need exceedingly rare qualities to handle his immense abilities. The candidate would require extraordinary strength honed through countless brushes with death.

The Rulers created the System as a way to cultivate such an individual. The System allowed limitless growth potential so this human could one day rival the gods and achieve Ashborn’s dream of ending the eternal war.

The Gods Manipulate Humanity

And so the stage was set for Jinwoo’s rise as the System’s champion. The gods of Solo Leveling manipulated events on Earth in furtherance of their own agendas. Humanity became pawns in the Rulers and Monarchs’ endless cosmic struggle for supremacy.

But Jinwoo may be the wild card neither side anticipated. With the aid of the System and Ashborn’s powers, he could defy the warring deities and forge his own destiny for himself and humanity. The gods unleashed forces beyond their control when they gambled on empowering individuals like Jinwoo.


This then is the hidden backstory to Solo Leveling’s mythos – a tale of rebellious deities, endless war, the fall of humanity, and now, the rise of mortal champions. The manhwa’s outwardly simple premise belies this intricate lore.

Solo Leveling may seem like just another power fantasy, but in truth it is the opening chapter in an epic that pits humanity against their manipulative gods. The fate of the world may rest on Jinwoo transcending the machinations of the warring Rulers and Monarchs. To read more article like this visit GamerGems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the most powerful gods in Solo Leveling?

The most powerful gods are the Rulers and Monarchs, supernatural beings created by the Absolute Being at the dawn of time. The Rulers draw power from light while the Monarchs channel darkness. Ashborn, as the Shadow Monarch, is likely the strongest individual god.

What are the abilities of the Rulers?

Each Ruler commands incredible power over various aspects of reality. One governs stone, one rules over flames, one dominates the seas, and so on. In addition, they possess immortality, telekinesis, extrasensory perception, and more.

What are the Monarchs’ goals?

The Monarchs were created to destroy humanity. They have continued trying to wipe out mankind for eons as part of their never-ending war with the Rulers. Some Monarchs like Ashborn seem to have more complex motivations, however.

How did Jinwoo get the power of the System?

It is implied the Rulers created the System as a way to empower a champion that could exceed the limits of ordinary Hunters. They may have chosen Jinwoo because of his repeated brushes with death unlocking his latent potential.

Who will Jinwoo side with in the war between Rulers and Monarchs?

It remains to be seen whether Jinwoo will side fully with the Rulers, the Monarchs, or oppose both factions in an attempt to forge his own path. His decision may dramatically shape the fate of the entire human race in Solo Leveling’s universe.

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