Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Win at Among Us

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Win at Among Us


Among Us exploded in popularity in 2020 as one of the most played multiplayer social deduction games. Players are either Crewmates completing tasks or Impostors sabotaging and killing to go undetected. With the right strategies, you can increase your chances of catching Impostors as a Crewmate or evading suspicion as an Imposter. Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you win more games of Among Us:

Among Us
Among Us

1. Monitor the Admin Map

The Admin map shows the location of all players in real-time. Keep an eye on it to see if anyone is dying in a room with another player. If you see 2 players in Electrical and then only 1, it likely means a kill happened. The body will soon be reported, so you can determine if the reporter is safe or suspicious based on their location.

2. Master Vent Timing

As an Impostor, venting allows you to move unseen between rooms. When venting from Electrical to Medbay, quickly vent through Security first. This allows you to check if anyone is in Medbay before exposing yourself. You can also camp on cams and catch Impostors venting this way.

3. Clear People with Visual Tasks

Tasks like Empty Garbage have visual animations when completed. If someone does a visual task, they are 100% safe. Stick with visually confirmed teammates to avoid getting killed. But as an Impostor, fake these animations to gain trust!

4. Beware of Early Reactors

Starting the reactor is common, but beware if someone starts it within the first 15 seconds. The Sabotage is only available after a cooldown, so such an early reactor is impossible unless they are cheating as Impostor.

5. Fake Common Tasks

All players get the same common tasks like Swipe Card and Submit Scan. Say you are doing common tasks to pretend being a Crewmate. But if caught faking a task, immediately walk away to avoid getting accused.

6. Hide in Plain Sight

As Impostor, “hiding” right next to a body being reported can make you seem innocent. When the report animation plays, quickly run away from the body to avoid suspicion. This risky trick takes practice but can effectively frame Crewmates.

7. Stick Together

There is safety in numbers. As Crewmate, sticking together in groups makes it harder for Impostors to kill without being caught. Do visual tasks to clear groupmates. If alone, find others to group up with quickly.

8. Memorize Task Locations

Study the map and memorize what tasks are where. If someone says they are doing a task in the wrong location, they are likely faking. For example, you cannot upload data in Admin on the first round. Catch them lying to identify Impostors!

9. Communicate in Discussion

In discussion after deaths, quickly share information and alibis. Where were you, what task did you do, who can confirm your location? The more Crewmates talk, the easier it is to catch deceivers. Silent players raise red flags.

10. Use Sabotages as Impostor

As Impostor, well-timed sabotages stop Crewmate tasks and create chaos. When the task bar is almost full, sabotage O2 or Reactor to prevent completions. Then strategically sabotage during crises to stack delays and take out more Crewmates.

Advanced 200 IQ Tricks

  • Vent splash trick: Stand halfway in Communications or Medbay. You will see a vent splash on the wall when a kill happens on the other side. Quickly run to catch the Impostor.
  • Vanishing body trick: As Impostors, double kill and immediately report the body. It will disappear, creating confusion to avoid suspicion.
  • Bait kills: Leave doors open and bodies unreported to frame Crewmates who report and seem suspicious.
  • Invisible name: Search U+3164 and paste into your name to get a blank, invisible name on mobile. Surprise attack and self-report.


Mastering Among Us requires clever deductive reasoning, quick thinking, and tactical sabotage. Use these top 10 tips and tricks to deduce imposters, clear your name as a crewmate, and evade suspicion as an imposter. Sharpen your observation skills and quick communication to turn the tide of any match.

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