Who is Blind Psycho

Who is Blind Psycho


Blind Psycho is a popular Esports player, YouTuber and Social media influencer known for his skilful gameplay and tactics in the mobile battle royale game PUBG Mobile. With his expert in-game leading (IGL) skills and clutch plays, Blind Psycho has made a name for himself in the Indian gaming community.

Who is Blind Psycho?

Blind Psycho’s real name is Ashwin Anil Kumar. He was born on 25th August 2000 in Kochi, Kerala. He started playing PUBG Mobile casually during his coaching classes, as it was an easy game to pick up and play in short bursts.

Though PUBG Mobile is not a progressive game like Clash of Clans where you build up your base over time, the short 30 minute matches worked well for Blind Psycho and his friends to play together in their free time. The ability to stop and restart after each match was a key factor that drew Blind Psycho into becoming a regular PUBG Mobile player.

Blind Psycho started playing PUBG Mobile on his iPhone 5S, later switching to Android phones like OnePlus 6 before ultimately using iPhone models including the iPhone XR and current iPhone 12 Pro Max for optimal performance. He uses a 3 finger claw setup which gives him great control and quick reflexes during close combat situations.

After honing his skills in local scrims and public matches, Blind Psycho’s talent was recognized and he was invited to join the prominent Indian clan Soul, led by famous players like Soul VST and Soul Jango. Blind Psycho represented Soul at the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, where he impressed as an MVP in the group stages and semi-finals, and finished in the top 10 in the grand finals of the massive ₹1 crore prize pool tournament.

Blind Psycho and a few other players then formed their own crew called Squad 99. Though they could not find much success initially, their potential was noticed at the PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 event. Blind Psycho left Soul and created a new organization, Team Blind, with the Squad 99 members.

As an experienced in-game leader guiding his squad’s rotations and tactics, Blind Psycho helped mold Team Blind into one of the top ranked teams from Kerala. They earned a reputation for their skills honed through relentless grinding in competitive rooms.

Blind Psycho also started a YouTube channel which now boasts 500k subscribers, where he uploads gameplay highlights and educational commentary to help other aspiring players improve their game. However, he considers YouTube as just a passion project and his main focus lies in competitive events.

Some key achievements in Blind Psycho’s career so far include:

  • MVP and top 10 finisher at PMIS 2019
  • Leading Team Blind to become a top Kerala squad
  • 620k YouTube subscribers creating PUBG Mobile content
  • 242k followers on his Instagram account @blindpsycho
  • Playing PUBG Mobile tournaments across India with prize pools up to ₹50 lakhs

At just 23 years old, Blind Psycho has already built himself an impressive reputation and fanbase in the Indian gaming scene through his skills, work ethic and engaging online personality. As PUBG Mobile continues to grow in the esports sector, Blind Psycho is poised to achieve even greater heights professionally in the coming years.

He serves as an inspiration to many young gamers in India who dream of making a career out of their gaming passion. With his expert game sense and focus on continuous self-improvement, Blind Psycho has proven that with the right dedication, even mobile gamers can compete at the highest levels. As he expands his content creation and builds his personal brand, Blind Psycho’s future looks bright in the world of mobile esports and gaming entertainment.

Blind Psycho’s journey from a casual mobile gamer to a pro esports athlete and popular influencer shows how skill and perseverance can open up new opportunities. His story is an inspiration for all young gamers with competitive dreams. If you enjoyed reading about Blind Psycho’s rise to fame, check out gamergems.com for more articles profiling Indian gaming personalities, esports news, and mobile gaming guides.



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