How to Fly and Find Motor Glider in PUBG Mobile

Motor Glider in PUBG

How to Fly and Find Motor Glider in PUBG Mobile


Flying the new motor glider vehicle and finding its spawn locations in PUBG Mobile can be a challenge for many players. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide tips on controlling the motor glider as well as detailed maps of where to find them on Erangel and Miramar.

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Motor Glider in PUBG Mobile

Operating the Motor Glider

The motor glider is a unique addition to PUBG Mobile, providing a new way to traverse the map from the air. However, flying the motor glider takes some practice, especially during takeoff and landing.

To take off in the glider, you first need to start the engine and press the throttle button until you see the fuel gauge hit around 20. This gets the propeller spinning at a speed suitable for takeoff. Next, use the left and right arrow buttons to steer the glider onto the road or other flat surface. You want to avoid taking off in bumpy terrain or near trees and rocks.

Once aligned on the road, throttle up to full by holding down the throttle button until you reach maximum speed, around 75 kph. As you accelerate, keep the glider centered and watch for obstacles ahead. When you hit 75 kph, tap the ascend button for 2-3 seconds to gently lift off into the air. Avoid holding the ascend button too long or you’ll lose speed and risk stalling out.

In the air, the throttle controls your speed and fuel usage. At full throttle, the glider consumes fuel rapidly but maintains top speed. To conserve fuel, you can throttle back to half which will keep you aloft at reduced speed. The ascend and descend buttons control your altitude. Tap ascend briefly to gain altitude slowly or descend to lose altitude.

The left and right arrow buttons turn the glider, but be careful – it tends to keep turning even after you let go of the buttons. You’ll need to press the opposite arrow to straighten out again. Also, the higher you climb, the slower your turning will be.

Landing takes a gentle touch as well. As you near the ground, reduce throttle to minimum and press descend to touch down softly on a road or open area. Avoid landing in rough terrain as the glider can become stuck or damaged. A successful landing will allow you to reuse the glider without having to find a new spawn location.

The motor glider offers space for a passenger to ride along. They can shoot from the rear seat while you focus on flying. You can also switch seats mid-flight to take shots at enemies below, but be quick to switch back to the pilot seat before crashing.

While fun to fly, the motor glider is quite fragile, with low overall health. It only takes 20-25 bullets to destroy the glider completely. At high altitude, a destroyed glider will explode dramatically, so fly carefully and avoid taking fire when possible. Carrying extra fuel is highly recommended for longer flights.

Glider Spawn Locations on Erangel

The motor glider spawns randomly at over 40 set locations around Erangel, but only about 10 will appear per match. This gives you around a 25% chance to find a glider at any given spawn point. Focusing your search efforts along certain routes can improve your odds.

Some of the best routes to hunt for spawns on Erangel are:

  • Zharki to Severny – Check the 7 potential spawns along this coastal road.
  • Sosnovka Island loop – Hit the 7 spawns circling the island, starting from the radio tower down to the military base.
  • Hospital to Primorsk – Search the spawns along the coastal road leading west from the hospital and approaches to Primorsk.

Specific spawn points are scattered along roads in the following areas:

  • West of Zharki
  • Coastal roads of the mainland southeast of Sosnovka Island
  • Roads north of the Mylta Power plant
  • Northwest section of the main island
  • Southern edge of the main island along the coast

Glider Spawns on Miramar

The gliders can also be found around the Miramar desert map, mostly concentrated on the western half of the map. Focus your search in these high probability areas:

  • Southwest of Campo Militar – Check the dirt roads branching out from this key area.
  • West of Los Leones – Scour the roads around the edges of this major city.
  • Main highways in the western half of the map – Drive the highway routes to maximize your chances.

Other things to know about the motor glider:

  • They only spawn in Erangel and Miramar, not other maps.
  • The spawn points are fixed but random as to which ones appear in a match.
  • Having a vehicle helps you cover more spawn locations efficiently.
  • Ask teammates to help search spawn points and call out glider locations.

Mastering takeoffs, landings, and flight control takes practice. But now that you know where to find the motor gliders on both Erangel and Miramar, you can take to the skies in style in PUBG Mobile. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Finding and flying the motor glider in PUBG Mobile takes some skill and knowledge, but can give you a big advantage in matches. With the spawn location maps and flight control tips provided in this guide, you now have what you need to take to the skies and rain down fire with this rare vehicle. Be sure to practice your glider skills and keep an eye out for spawns in your matches. For more helpful gaming guides and PUBG Mobile content, be sure to check out Thanks for reading!



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