Valorant Mobile: The Wait is Almost Over?

Valorant Mobile: The Wait is Almost Over?


The most trending question of Valorant fans is “Will Valorant mobile be released in 2024?” Ever wondered about the rising popularity of Valorant, the FPS tactical shooter game by Riot Games? It’s a sensation that swept the gaming world since its release in June of 2020. Its dynamic gameplay and immersive experience have won the hearts of many, making it a staple in the gaming community. As the game’s popularity soared, fans began to anticipate the launch of a mobile version, allowing them to take their gaming experience on the go. Their wishes didn’t fall on deaf ears.

valorant mobile
Valorant Mobile

In 2023, Riot Games reportedly began closed beta testing for the Valorant mobile version exclusively for Android users in China. Now this Chinese exclusive release is rumored to differ from the eventual global release, stirring a whirlpool of curiosity among fans worldwide. Chinese gamers got a sneak peek of what the mobile version might look like and even got the exclusive privilege of trying out agents first released for this version. With the beta testing underway, it’s clear that Valorant mobile is on its way to a global release, and 2024 might just be the year.

In the midst of the anticipation, Riot Games remained largely silent, fueling speculation and rumors. That was until Anna Donlan and Andy Ho, high ranking representatives of Riot, broke their silence in an exclusive interview. They explained that their silence was out of a desire to perfect the game before making any public announcements. Donlan added that the development process might take a bit longer than expected. However, they too are looking forward to the game.

Riot Games plans to share more information as the game nears its release date. As Valorant Mobile is still undergoing changes, Donlan and Ho emphasized that they want to ensure the mobile version offers an authentic experience. They aim to implement all features from the PC version, promising a seamless transition for gamers.

While no official release date has been announced yet, one thing is clear: Valorant Mobile is under intensive development. It’s a thrilling time for fans knowing their favorite game is being crafted with care for the mobile platform. So it’s a waiting game for now. Valorant Mobile is on its way, ready to redefine mobile gaming. The anticipation is palpable, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. And for Valorant fans, the wait promises to be worth every second.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valorant Mobile

Here are some common questions players have about the upcoming Valorant Mobile game:

What is Valorant Mobile?

Valorant Mobile is the upcoming mobile version of Riot Games’ popular 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant. It will bring the same gameplay and agents from the PC version onto mobile devices.

When will Valorant Mobile be released?

There is no official release date yet, but closed beta testing began in 2023 in China. The global release is expected sometime in 2024 based on development progress.

What platforms will it be available on?

So far only Android availability has been confirmed for the Chinese closed beta. Riot Games has not shared which platforms the global release will support.

Will Valorant Mobile have cross-platform play?

Cross-platform play allowing mobile gamers to play with PC players has not been confirmed yet. But Riot Games aims to offer robust cross-progression support.

Will Valorant Mobile be free-to-play?

Yes, Valorant on PC is a free-to-play game supported by microtransactions, and Valorant Mobile is expected to follow the same model.

Will it have the same agents and maps?

Riot Games aims to bring the full Valorant experience onto mobile devices, including all agents, maps, modes, and features from the PC version over time.

Will there be mobile-specific content?

Some exclusive content, like Chinese beta-only agents, is being tested. It’s likely there will be more mobile-first agents, skins, and cosmetics.

How will the controls work on mobile?

The controls are being optimized for touchscreens. The user interface is designed to translate the PC experience to mobile seamlessly.

Will my progress carry over from PC?

Robust cross-progression support is planned, allowing you to transfer your agent unlocks, rank, and more from Valorant on PC to mobile.

Can I pre-register for Valorant Mobile?

Pre-registration is not open yet globally, but Riot Games will likely allow fans to pre-register closer to launch.



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